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Missile & aircraft pyrotechnic equipments


Pyroalliance is a pivotal supplier of high-value-added pyrotechnic and mechanical solutions for defense, including ballistic and tactical missiles, torpedoes, ships and aircraft. Our products are designed to carry out a number of functions that ensure the success of a weapon system, including ignition, transmission, thrust, separation, jettisoning, deployment, cutting, range safety and much more.

They are used on all kinds of missile systems, including air defense, combat aircraft, antitank, antiship, cruise missiles, etc. By delivering equipment that meets the highest standards of mission-critical reliability, Pyroalliance plays a key role in your mission success.


Our wide range of defense products includes the following:

Pyroalliance defence market Pyrotechnic rams
Pyroalliance defence market Gas generators
Pyroalliance defence market Ignition delays
Pyroalliance defence market Transmission lines
Pyroalliance defence market Through-Bulkhead Initiators (TBIs)
Pyroalliance defence market
Pyroalliance defence market Turbine engine igniters
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